Dog danced hoping to be adopted – and it worked!

Dog danced hoping to be adopted: However, all dogs are difficult to adopt and some may have to wait a bit longer to find a forever shelter.

Recently an interesting incident came to light where a dog employed a very unique trick in the hope of adoption.

Hoping that the adopters would not find it difficult to find him and that someone would stop as he walked past his kennel, observe his amazing movements, and take him home so this dog was dancing for everyone.

This dog named Ginger Rogers actually managed to find a safe haven for himself thanks to his incredible tricks.

The dog was a year old when he was taken in by Orange County Animal Services in Florida, but was looking after an owner looking after him after being found infected with heartworm.

The heartworm, also known as Drofilaria immitis, is spread by mosquitoes and can cause serious illness and even death in dogs.

It is common in hot places such as southern Europe and southern Asia.

Orange County shared a video of Ginger Rogers dancing inside his cage, which caught everyone’s attention.

After the video was shared online, the animal shelter was flooded with applications for a ‘dancing dog’ within hours.

A spokesperson said: “Ginger Rogers broke his heart when his video was shared on social media. It has been viewed more than 100,000 times.

There are many such organizations in India which take care of these destitute creatures, their treatment and nutritious food.

PAWS – Panjim Animal Welfare Society”, an organization dedicated selflessly to the care and protection of destitute animals in Goa, is doing excellent work in this field. You can connect with them through their Instagram page and become an ally.

You can also give your support in the service of living beings by contacting these organizations and adopt a destitute creature and become its partner.

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