Ethics Policy

‘The Instant Post’ (hereinafter referred to as “we” / “our”) is committed to transparency and ideal conduct in all its affairs. We are governed and guided by the broad principles enshrined in our ethics and we are sharing those principles with you.

‘The Instant Post’ was established with the intention of filling the gap created between mainstream journalism and the public.

Our intention is to stop the dissemination of incomplete truth and misleading information in the name of ‘Breaking News’ as well as to present a thorough research, analysis and fact-based information to the public in simple words.

We have adopted the following principles: Be a neutral platform that facilitates meaningful dialogue and brings together people from different backgrounds, discusses public issues, and be partners in their resolution.

Provide the most accurate information available when we are presenting a specific issue.

Plagiarism in any form is unacceptable and prohibited. Be committed to balanced, unbiased and logical opinions on topics.

Maintain a clear distinction between business interests and editorial judgment.

Give accurate information instead of breaking news. If enough information is not available, we don’t wait and speculate before sharing.

We Include a variety of voices to make the story fair and balanced. We Issue a public apology in case of error and rectify the error.

If any information which is not editorial and is an advertisement, we mention it at the beginning.

We Stand firm without being hit by any kind of fear, temptation or pressure. In case of any legal dispute, we stand by the editorial.

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