To become an actor, Ravi Kishan have been beaten up with a leather belt

Ravi Kishan, who has made his move from Bhojpuri industry to Bollywood, South Cinema and OTT, has earned a lot of name in the world of politics as well as.

Today he is celebrating his 53rd birthday. Film and political figures are congratulating him.

Ravi Kishan was born on 17 July 1969 in Bihar. On this special occasion, today we are going to tell you about his long and successful career in films and becoming an actor, for which he had to face a lot of struggle as well as beaten up with a leather belt.

To become an actor, Ravi Kishan have been beaten up with a leather belt.

Ravi Kishan has seen many ups and downs in his life. He always wanted to become an actor, but for this he had to do a lot.

Ravi Kishan had told in one of his interviews that ‘when he first told about his father about his dream of becoming an actor, he was beaten up’.

Ravi Kishan made his Bollywood debut in the year 1991 with Salman Khan’s blockbuster film ‘Tere Naam’, which earned him recognition.

During one of his interviews, Ravi had told that ‘his father Pandit Shyama Narayan Shukla never wanted him to become an actor and enter the acting world’.

In one of his old interviews, Ravi Kishan recalled the time when he first realized that he wanted to become an actor and went to his father to tell this.

Ravi further told that ‘When I told him, he beat me with a leather belt. He was a priest and acting was not considered a respectable profession at that time.

Ravi Kishan told that ‘his mother always used to support him in every work’. His mother had given him money to come to Mumbai.

Ravi Kishan told that ‘after coming to Mumbai, he spent a few days here in a chawl room with 12 people’.

Let us tell you that Ravi Kishan has made his mark from Bhojpuri to South cinema on his own.

As a successful hero and as a strong villain. You will be surprised to know that Ravi Kishan made a place as a successful actor in Bhojpuri films in the 2000s, he is seen in supporting roles in Hindi films and OTT.

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